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Pics! Jennifer Lopez Wears Wedge Trainers To The Daily Show!

Jennifer Lopez ran herself ragged all over New York City yesterday – well, if a celeb could ever look ragged.

The legendary multitasker is promoting her upcoming flick Parker , so she started her morning off early with a visit to Good Morning America. Then she hit up The Daily Show later in the day – but promoting Parker wasn’t the most important thing she did that trip. No, it was the appearance of wedge trainers on her feet as she greeted fans outside the studio. Read thatagain: Wedge. Trainers. We’re not going to ask if our readers are fans of the look. We’re telling you you’re not.

Earlier in the day we caught J-Lo rocking a much hotter pair of thigh-high leather boots. Frankly they could have been made out of kitten skin and we still would have preferred them over those wedge trainers. Sorry PETA.

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