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Pics! Snooki Confirms She’s NOT Pregnant – And She’s Insulted

So Snooki’s made it super clear she’s not pregnant. Yes, you may exhale now. Interestingly, she was on Good Morning America today to promote the upcoming season of Jersey Shore and her spinoff show with J-Woww.

Amazing how that timing works out, right? Snooki has something to promote, and suddenly there’s a pregnancy rumor flying around, getting her all sorts of extra attention! You’d think it was planned or something.

Of course the Orange One is doing a great job of acting all butt hurt about the gossip, telling Lara Spencer, “I think it is an insult to be called pregnant.” She followed that up by asking “Do they think I’m fat? I definitely do want kids, but I am not pregnant.”

She also complained, “I mean, it’s just like, what’s the rumor today? Like, I’m wondering what’s going to happen today with what’s going on with me.”

Well said.

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