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Pics! Brangelina Take The Kids To Wicked; Angelina Looks Scary Skinny

Angelina Jolie’s emaciated frame has been a topic for analysis for a long-ass time. She’s never normal sized, her body’s always a variation of thin and crazy scary deathly thin. And from the looks of it, she’s nearing the scary place once again. I can’t remember the last time Angie looked so skeletal. These should be happy, sweet pictures of Brangelina and the family going to Wicked. And they are… but it’s impossible not to be distracted by what’s left of Angelina’s frame. There are a few shots where it almost looks like she’s got a belly, and normally I’d at least ponder whether she might be pregnant. But there’s just no chance. That belly is what happens when a way-too-thin person drinks 6 ounces of water.

On to happier stuff… Brad and Angie took their oldest four kids to see a matinee of Wicked in London to celebrate Maddox’s tenth birthday on Saturday. Twins Vivienne and Knox stayed home, but everyone else seemed to have a great time. The question that has to be asked: why is Shiloh the only one with a flying monkey?

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