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Catwoman Anne Hathaway Practically Humps A Motorcycle For The New Batman Movie! Pics

Anne Hathaway is the latest actress in a long line of sexy women to play Catwoman in a Batman movie. Sex appeal is built into the role with the leather cat suit alone. But then when you pair that outfit with Anne riding a motorcycle (yes, read into that line), the sex factor is off the charts!

Production designers can claim that the bike was built for aerodynamics, but you know that’s abunch of BS. It was built so Anne can climb on top and ride that thing through Gotham City looking like sex on wheels! They probably wanted to put the throttle down at hip level so she would practically have to hump the thing to put it into gear! And Anne riding that bike may just be the best thing about the movie too. Otherwise you end up listening to Christian Bale’s throaty fake Batman voice thinking, “Oh please, make it stop!” Perhaps when the new movie comes out in 2012 we all just watch it on mute.

I have two questions though – where are Anne’s cat ears? And will she actually be able to pull this off better than Michelle Pfeiffer?

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