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Pics! Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Support Their Rapper Son At Enclave Night Club

The love a parent has for a child knows no bounds. That is certainly the case with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. They’re 20 year old son Chet, who’s studying theatre at Northwestern, has decided for now that he wants to rap. Uh-oh. That’s the first problem. The second one is he changed his last name to Haze. Omg. Sometimes it’s just hard to believe what passes for ‘cool’ these days. But Tom and Rita want to be there for him, so when Chet Haze gave his first concert at The Enclave Nightclub in Chicago, Hanks and Wilson were there. (Also Tom was in town promoting his own movie, Larry Crowne, so it was no biggie.)

Rita has that motherly look that says, “oh my son, my beautiful boy, isn’t he just WONDERFUL!” Tom, on the other hand enjoyed the moment although it seems fairly evident from his face that perhaps rap isn’t his cup of tea.

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