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First Pics – Kate Gosselin Drops Over $2,000 On A Haircut!

Kate Gosselin jetted off to New York City to get a haircut. And she didn’t go to just any old salon – Kate went where all the celebrities go – the Ted Gibson salon. A haircut there costs upwards of $175. But Gosselin had hers done with the man himself for a whopping $950. And that was just cut. She also had a keratin treatment and color done as well. She definitely needed it though – the guys at the UPS store were really starting to notice her split ends.

When you add in the cost of limo travel to NYC (for her and bodyguard Steve Nelid), paying for a hotel, meals, taxi fares, tips for drivers and not to mention tips for everyone at the salon, Kate could be out over $5000 on this little extravaganza. Gosselin offsets the price of her own haircuts by sending her kids to the local Supercuts in PA. She can get all 8 kids in and out for under $100!

This little bit of pampering would go unnoticed for anyone else, except that Kate has complained about her dire financial situation. And she’s suing her ex-hubby Jon Gosselin for back child support payments of $125,000. Well, pay attention Jon. We hope you like the new ‘do because this is what you’re paying for.

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