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October 09, 2015

Actors Chris Evans and Jenny Slate are spotted on the set of 'Gifted' filming in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The Marc Webb directed film tells the story of a man who tries to raise the brilliant young daughter of his dead sister, but battles with the child's mother over custody. 

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First Look: Chris Evans Wears Prosthetic Feet On Captain America Set

INF Daily found actor Chris Evans filming some intense scenes on the set of the new Captain America: The First Avengermovie. For some reason the actor was wearing a cumbersome looking pair of prosthetic feet (the better to kick Nazi a$$ with) while energetically jumping, falling, rolling, etcetera on location in Manchester, England.

The movie is based on a comic book hero, Steve Rogers, who was turned into a Super Soldier by the U.S. military after WWII. But he’s too expensive to risk his life in combat, so he tours with the USO;rather demeaning given his credentials. Rogers becomes Captain America when a Nazi plot is revealed and he has to save the U.S. Later he ends up frozen in ice for nearly sixty years, and once thawed joins up with the modern day army.

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