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Exclusive: Kate Gosselin Takes the Kids to The Alaska Zoo

Jon Gosselin recently tweet-complained about not seeing his eight kids this week, and INF has exclusive pictures showing why: ex-wife Kate has packed up the kids (and two bodyguards) and headed to Alaska to film Kate Plus Eight.  Yesterday we found the family sauntering around The Alaska Zoo in Anchorage and the kids seemed to be having a great time. All of the sextuplets were in matching red or pink vests and jeans while twins Cara and Maddy wore teal sweatshirts and cargo pants. Kate was in a stylish black vest – very sleek. We’re sure she’s already missing her manicure and tanning appointments. She’s not really pulling off the rugged outdoorsy look all that convincingly.

In related Gosselin news, a representative from Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor recently approved the work permits for the six younger kids, and ruled that neither Kate Gosselin nor TLC have “unlawfully exploited” the kids. There was some controversy over their permits since kids under seven can get them (with certain restrictions) for working on films – but the wording of the law seemed to rule out TV. Nonetheless, it looks like that mini-drama is behind the Gosselins now since the state says everything is copacetic.

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