• Amy Winehouse and Reg Traviss

Amy Winehouse’s New Boyfriend Has A Girlfriend Of Two Years

INF Daily’s London photographers found Amy Winehouse chatting on the phone while running errands in London today. We still think Amy’s looking more like a man than a woman lately, and we’ve decided it’s because her face is so dirty. As in, it literally has soil on it. Either that or Amy’s had an absolutely disastrous run-in with self-tanner. It leads to her looking not only like she just got in from the coal mine, but like Amy also has a 5 o’clock shadow. She either needs to wash her face or shave it, one or the other.

In other Winehouse news, One India is reporting that Amy’s brand new boyfriend Reg Traviss already has a girlfriend of two years, a stripper named Raven Isis Holt. We’d like to chastise, but Raven’s probably not a few hours away from a goatee, so we can’t really blame the guy.

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