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If ever you need to inject some class into an event – and Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton aren’t around – you can always count on Miley Cyrus to deliver her services. 17-year-old Miley performed at “Rock in Rio” over the weekend, and naturally she wore as little clothing as she could get away with. In this incident it meant Cyrus donned a super tight olive green leotard with molded bra cups over nylons – no pants, skirt, etc. Nothing on the bottom but the high heels on her feet.

To make sure she kept it modest, Cyrus wore a leather jacket. Oh, and a dainty silver cross around her neck. You were almost fooled, weren’t you! You thought Miley Cyrus was some nasty little girl willing to do anything for your attention. Shame on you! She’s got a cross on! Obviously Miley sat demurely for the rest of her concert and sang lullabies. She didn’t growl into the mic in that gravelly voice of hers about her angry Nick Jonas-inspired songs. That wouldn’t be demure.

As raunchy as her outfit is, the dance moves are really the kicker. We watched some videos of Miley Cyrus’s “Rock in Rio” performance, and when she’s just walking around on stage the outfit really doesn’t seem inappropriate. But as soon as she busts out her booty-shaking-body-grabbing business, we can’t help but feel we should look away.

Today Miley presented her latest album, Can’t Be Tamed at the Villamagna Hotel in Madrid, Spain. She wore an elegant pair of four inch spiked heels – so tall she needed help walking. What do you think – is Miley’s outfit too much?

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