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Life must be good when you’re Suri Cruise. You have an endless wardrobe. Your mom carries you everywhere. Even though you’re four years old, your little feet never have to touch the ground. And you’re always swaddled in a blanket, so you’re nice and toasty. And you spent the first year of your life with all the barley water you could drink. And your dad is Tom Cruise.

Okay so maybe Suri Cruise’s life isn’t quite as charmed as initially thought, but she’s still got it pretty good. Katie Holmes’ most serious hobby is shopping, so naturally she’s teaching Suri the finer points of consumerism at an early age. And we admit, the results are pretty adorable. Suri and Katie donned matching purple flats during their expedition in Lost Angeles yesterday.

Suri was in a cute white and blue flowered sundress, her hair in pigtails complemented by a jeweled headband. She munched on a croissant as she and Katie shopped away – quite the upgrade from barley water. In the past Katie has been criticized for letting Suri wear heeled shoes – a pair of children’s ballroom dancing shoes she bought for her daughter. Suri’s also been spotted in a few pairs of kitten heels over the years. Yet despite her grownup taste, INF Daily’s photographers still spotted Suri being carried to the car by her mother – blanket in hand.

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