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It’s hard not to feel sorry for Ryan O’Neal.

Although he probably hasn’t been the best parent over the years, he’s currently dealing with his son Redmond being in the slammer for drugs, while Redmond’s mom Farrah Fawcett lies dying of cancer. On top of that, Ryan is fighting a legal battle with documentary filmmaker Craig Nevius, whose film about Farrah’s cancer battle is scheduled to air on NBC tonight.

Apparently, Ryan didn’t agree with Nevius’s obsession with blaming the paparazzi for Farrah’s ill-health, and assumed creative control of the film from him.

“He was obsessed with this angle, that the media was haranguing Farrah to the point where she couldn’t recover,” O’Neal told the NY Post. “Harangue? who isn’t harangued? We all get harangued. At most that’s a sidebar. This is a story about Farrah struggling for her life.”

Nevius has filed a lawsuit, claiming an unspecified sum in damages, over the documentaryFarrah’s Story, which airs tonight at 9pm EST. He complains control of the film was wrestled from him by Ryan and Alana Stewart – Farrah’s best pal.

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